Public Safety

  • Continue fully funding police and working with Mayor Harrell to make policing better and safer.
  • Implement the recruitment plan I funded to hire officers who share Seattleites’ values.
  • Expand our existing first responders: Community Service Officers, Parking Enforcement, Health One, Mobile Crisis Team, and Park Rangers. I strongly support Mayor Harrell’s CARE Department.
  • Scale up my public safety task forces that implement real-time solutions by connecting small-business owners and residents to the support they need.
  • Hiring public safety coordinators in every neighborhood.


  • Better is not good enough. The number of homeless is an unacceptable societal failing, and addressing homelessness will remain a top priority of my office.
  • Expand our Vehicle Outreach Team, and scale up our neighborhood homelessness response teams.
  • Crack down on predators hiding behind homelessness and preying on vulnerable people.
  • Add urgency and accountability to the Regional Homelessness Authority.
  • Fund non-congregate shelter while building and buying the permanent housing we need.


  • Increase speed, consistency, and predictability of issuing permits for housing.
  • Continue funding affordable housing at or above $200 million per year.
  • Continue the rapid acquisition of affordable housing by buying already-built buildings in addition to building housing affordable for working families.
  • Increase the stock of family-sized units at affordable rates so that people of all income levels can afford to live here.
  • Ensure increased density meets the character of our city through design guidelines and building codes.